"I've worked with Chuck Burley for many years and appreciate not only his
knowledge of the sample business, which has made my job easier, but also his
great sense of humor. If you're looking for someone to put your trust in,
you can't do better than Chuck Burley."

Mary Christ Clayborn
Associated Materials LLC

aBlaze has coordinated print and sample production of fandecks, case-turned folders, and wallboard samples for Alside, Gentek, and Revere vinyl siding product.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Montgomery and aBlaze for more than four years. aBlaze has handled all our printing needs in that time. Amy has demonstrated tremendous client service at all times. She is always on top of things, shows tremendous attention to detail and on numerous occasions has gone out of her way to ensure the successful and timely completion of our various printing projects. She has been a pleasure to work with."

Mike Bonfils

aBlaze coordinates print production of ECRM’s collateral (business cards, logo sheets, spec sheets, cards/invites and envelopes, as well as wall calendars).

"I have had the pleasure of working with aBlaze for the past four years.
However, they have actually handled the printing needs for The Homer
Laughlin China Co. for approximately 15 years. We rely on their knowledge
of the print process including technological advances. Their pricing is
competitive. And they have great attention to detail. But most
importantly, their customer service is top priority. Amy Montgomery takes
the time to understand our business and is available at a moments notice
knowing our tight deadlines. We look forward to many more years of business
with them.

Glenn Bouscher
The Homer Laughlin China Co.

aBlaze coordinates print production of Homer Laughlin’s catalogs, brochures, cut sheets, and full color product box labels.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Joan Bowser for approximately 19 years. There is a famous energy and passion about her that I absolutely love. And I truly value her expertise and experience in the industry. She listens carefully, is efficient, and understands me and my clients’ needs. And when I speak with her, I know my project is top priority. I highly recommend Joan and her company, aBlaze. Her mission is simple: only the best will ever be good enough for her clients."

Bill Sorrell
The Sorrell Company

aBlaze coordinates print production of covers, liners and inserts for wallcovering sample books, which are available at Sherwin Williams and many other fine interior decorating retailers.

"Joan is far more than a vendor to our company. She knows our product line, is constantly looking for new and unique ways for our sales tools. It goes beyond even that, she follows our orders through production, making sure we have sent the raw materials and everything is as it should be. Joan is a part of our marketing team – no other way to say it – she might even know our collateral better than we do. One thing for sure – our job here would be a lot more complicated if we did not have Joan’s expertise on our side."

Deborah Meek
StyleCrest Inc.

aBlaze coordinates print and sample production of fandecks, diecut folders, and wallboard samples for StyleCrest’s vinyl siding product.

"Almost two years ago, I became very dissatisfied with my swatching vendor’s service and pricing. Thankfully, I found aBlaze and was blown away by their responsiveness, attention to detail, and quality. They were able to print and produce my sample cards as turn-key projects AND lower my cost. I consider aBlaze a partner in my business."

Sara Post

aBlaze coordinates print and sample production of swatch cards for WebbMason.



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